What is Digital Marketing: Step by Step Guide


What is Digital Marketing: Step by Step Guide

In this article, we going to know that what is Digital Marketing, the types of Digital Marketing and the importance of Digital or Online Marketing. These days Digital Marketing is the most famous and popular way to market your business or services. 

What is Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is the process in which you advertise on digital platforms. Platforms like Social Media, Search Engine, Websites, Android and IOS Applications and also includes Web Applications. 

Connecting with your audience discussing with them where they are, where they like to spend their time is Marketing and nowadays everyone likes to spend time on the internet, Because of this Digital Marketing Matters. 

Importance of Digital Marketing:

With the help of Digital Marketing, you can Advertise your Products or services and educate people about your products and services without going Door To Door. 

Digital Marketing helps you to know your customer or audience, what kind of products or services they need. After knowing your audience you can enhance your product or services.

Types of Digital Marketing:

  • "PPC" Pay Per click
  •  E-mail marketing
  • "SMM "Social Media Marketing
  • "SEO" Search Engine Optimization
  • "SEM" Search Engine Marketing
  •  Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Online PR
  • Sponsored Content

Pay Per Click "PPC":

  By using the method PPC you can Drive traffic to your site, every time someone clicks on the links you placed on ads, you have to pay your Publisher. One of the most Popular Publisher is Google Ads.

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Email Marketing:

    In this strategy of marketing, you send news and updates about your products and services. The most famous Strategies are sending Newsletters Subscriptions, Follow up emails and tips etc

Social Media Marketing "SMM":

            Social Media Marketing is the one the most famous Marketing Strategy of Marketers because in this ERA people like to use social media channels, with this strategy you get traffic and targeted audience for your website.

Famous Social Media channels are FaceBook, Twitter, Snapchat, InstagramPinterest, Linkedin, Tiktok, Likee etc

Search Engine Optimization "SEO":

        With the help of "SEO", you can optimize your site to rank on the first page to get more traffic on your website.

Affiliate Marketing:

                        As an Affiliate Marketer, you promote products of other companies whenever someone purchases any product using your Tracking link you get some commission. Affiliate Marketing Complete Guide For Beginners

Content Marketing:

                        Using content marketing you educate your audience about your products and Services. 


        In this article, we have discussed Digital Marketing, that what is Digital Marketing, the Benefits of Digital Marketing and how you can make money with it and what are the categorize of Digital Marketing and how and where to do D.M. All platforms and Categories are discussed in this article.