What is Python Programming | Basic Python Tutorial


What is Python Programming | Basic Python Tutorial

What is python?

        Nowadays Python is the most popular and high-level Computer programming language. Python language was developed by the Guido Van Rossum in late 1980. 

It is the general-purpose high level, Interactive, object-oriented programming language.

Why Python is Popular:

                    Day by day language is going famous and popular because it can handle a big range of tasks, its easy to learn, beginners can start python very easily. Python is much productive than other coding languages. 

Usages of Python:

         Python is a widespread programming language, unlike other coding languages. it can be used for...
  1. Software Development
  2. Web Development
  3. Game Development
  4. Data Science, Big Data
  5. Machine Learning

It works on Windows, MAC, Linux etc

Why use Python:

            There are hundreds of reasons but it depends on you and your profession that why should you use it.

Python is the best choice for those who are new to programming because it is easy for them to learn.

It is open source coding language and the community of python is huge, which means you can get every answer to your question by google it, Daily thousands of people share their codes on the internet.