How to Become Web Developer in 2021 | Web Development Tutorial

How to Become Web Developer

Technology and the usage of technology are growing day after day. Nowadays technology is playing a very important and vital role in our lives. In daily life, we use many technologies like smartphones, computers, laptops and on these devices, we use many applications and software. Each and every software, Application, and website are developed by a web developer.

So today we are going to discuss that How to become a web developer. 

It can seem confusing, boring, and complicated at starting but if you read this guide completely then you will find things getting easy and interesting.

We will talk about the basics of web development in the depth, and show you the resources, tools, and skills you need to become a good web developer.

Is This a Good Job:

Before you get started as a website developer it's necessary to understand that is it a good job and does this industry has potential. See More: Online Jobs for Students

Technology is growing every day no matter what is going in society. technology is everywhere whether you are using social sites or checking news and sports. 

Behind every software or application, you will see a web builder.

Every day new applications and software are built for business, startups and the ease of education, in this pandemic there are many successful applications are built like Zoom.

These projects are built by developers.

In this field, you will find many employment opportunities with huge salaries in every society.

Should You Become Web Developer in 2021:

Is it a good time to become a web developer? Should I learn web development? 
The answer to this question is very simple and clear. Yes; you should learn web development, this is the best and great time to become a website developer.

So, let's get back to the point.

What is Web Development:

Web Development is all about coding programming web development is the procedure of building a website. See More: Freelancing for Beginners

All the tools on the internet we use like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all other social media applications, apps, online payment gateways, e-commerce sites, etc, have been developed by web developers.

Parts of Web Development:

Web development can be divided into three parts.

  • Frontend Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Database Technology

Let's talk about these layers:

Client-Side - Frontend

Frontend or also called client-side development refers to each and every that user experiences. frontend development executes in your web browser and which your users see when they come to your site. See More: Python Tutorial

The design, Layout, Colors, fonts, and forms in your site are part of the client-side coding.


Backend is the process in which the backend is responsible for storing and managing the data, for example; if someone comes to your website and fills out any form that you have added to a site like a subscription form on the front end of the site, it will be stored in your server-side.

Database Technology:

This technology helps your website to work with full functionalities like storing and organizing the data. 

It runs on a server.

These three parts or you can say layers help sites to work with complete and full functionalities.

Difference Between Web Development and Web Designing:

These are two different things but sometimes people are confused with these terms.

Web Designing:

Web Designer is the person who designs the look and feel of your site, that what colors should be used in your web pages, the layout of the site, navigation and what menus and buttons are included in your site, and everything that comes in user experience.

Web Development:

Web Developer is the person who takes that design and builds it.

Web developers develop sites and applications with the help of coding and programming languages like HTML, CSS, javascript.

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How do I become a Web Developer 2021

First, decide and make your mind and then start learning, download all the tools, and go with HTML and CSS in starting.

How long it takes to become a web developer

It normally takes a minimum of 2 to 3 months to become a web developer

Web Developer Salary

The salary of a web developer depends on his/her that how they work, how much time they work, on which projects they do and the client or company they work with. You can earn a handsome income with this work from $300 to $3000 for each project.