Online Jobs for Students to Earn Money in Pakistan | 2021

Online Jobs for Students to Earn Money in Pakistan

You can find hundreds and thousands of articles on the internet about the best online jobs for students to earn money in Pakistan but the reality of online jobs is different, it's not easy to find online jobs as it sounds.

It feels very easy when people are sharing their success stories on youtube, you might think that it is very easy I can also do the same for my success but the reality is very different, if you want to get an online job and earn money online in Pakistan then you have to do smart work with hard work. "Nothing is impossible"

There are many opportunities for students to make money online, you need to have patience and try to work with consistency if you want to become successful in the online field.

in this guide, we are going to discuss some ways to make money online in Pakistan as a student. let's start.


Freelancing is the most famous and popular way to make money online in Pakistan there are hundreds and thousands of people working on freelance marketplaces. 

There are many freelance places to get started like Fiverr, Upwork,, and guru, you can also do freelancing without going on these platforms, you can offer your services on Facebook groups and also on other social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Also Read: How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan

Data Entry:

data entry job is very easy to do, you don't need to have any experience and degree to do this work.

You just have to type the work given by the client, work as the word to pdf, pdf to word, excel sheets, handwritten to word file, etc. 

You can find data entry jobs on different sites like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, guru, people per hour, and Facebook groups.


You can make a good income with youtube if you have good creative ideas and talking power to engage people. There are any niches like Tech, Tips and tricks, Sports and anything which you know better. See More: 15 Future Technologies

Sell Pictures:

Nowadays each and everyone has smartphones and knows that how to take a photo but do you know you can make money in Pakistan by selling photos?

Yes; you can earn money by selling pictures on Different platforms like Shutterstock, Getty Images, and istock. You have to upload a picture and when someone purchases you will earn. This is an amazing way to earn money online in Pakistan for students. 

Sell Crafts:

If you know Graphic Designing, Drawing, or calligraphy then you can make a good income by selling your arts and crafts online in Pakistan. If you don't know you can learn online for free on youtube or online from udemy. There are many talented and creative people in Pakistan and this is a great way for them to make a good income by selling their arts and crafts.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing sounds difficult if you are a student but you can do it without investment. Join an affiliate network and start promoting it on free Platforms like FB profiles, Facebook groups, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter. these platforms can generate good leads for you if you work smartly. See More: Affiliate Marketing without Website

Ebook Publishing:

If you love reading and writing then it's great, Write an informative ebook and publish it on platforms like Amazone kindle and there are many platforms where you can sell your ebook. You can also create your web page to sell an ebook.


In this article, we discuss the best online jobs in Pakistan. Online work at home without investment in Pakistan. When you start work online in Pakistan you will come across scammers, these scammers will not pay after work try to be aware of these scammers. Try to be consistent and work hard you will be successful one day. Also Read: Creative Skills to Learn in 2021